Sony PlayStation 4

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Opinie eksperta : Stuart Andrews (

Sony PlayStation 4


Is the PS4 the console to buy this Christmas?

Sleek, powerful hardware ; Intuitive and functional interface ; Great streaming and sharing features ; Excellent controller ; Key games look better on PS4 than Xbox One

Lack of great exclusives ; No instant resume on games ; No DLNA client for media streaming

After a year, the PS4 still has the sleekest, most powerful hardware, the most intuitive interface and an improved line-up of apps and games. It has streaming capabilities that Microsoft can’t match, with more to come. What it doesn’t have is a killer...


Opinie eksperta : Ben Gilbert (

PlayStation 4 review: fast, powerful, worth it


More Info48 hours with the PlayStation 4: gaming and first impressionsThe seven big little details we love about the PlayStation 4Sony

Dramatic improvement over PS3 gamepad ; Clickable touchpad ; The best triggers on any gamepad

Terrible battery life ; Analog stick coating isn't grippy enough

The DualShock 4 is everything gamers wanted from Sony's next gamepad. Unlike the DualShock 3, we only have minor complaints for the PlayStation 4's controller. It's not simply a controller we'll "put up with" for the rare exclusive PS4 titles; it's one...


Opinie eksperta (

Sony PlayStation 4


Next-gen gaming is a glorious reality but you'll have to make do without some last-gen features

Simple set-up and interface ; Games look and sound great ; Good selection of TV, film and music apps ; Decent AV performance

No 3D Blu-ray, CD or DLNA support ; Not as good as a dedicated disc player

Sony has been clever with the PS4. Gaming is the theatre in which it wants to win the next-gen console battle, and on this evidence we think it might just have the first victory in the bag.

Opinie eksperta : Dave James James Rivington Vic Hood (

Original (2013) PS4 review


The 'fat' PlayStation 4

Snappy performance ; Killer components ; Much-improved controller ; PlayStation Plus ; PlayStation Now ; PlayStation Music

Remote Play's trivial ; PSN's less stable than Xbox Live ; Not enough apps

When it was released, the PS4 was the most powerful games console in the world with plenty of AAA games available and features added - and it still holds up.


Opinie eksperta : Seth Barton (

Sony PlayStation 4 review


With more graphical horsepower, a simpler interface and a great controller, the PS4 is our pick of the next-gen consoles

It's a tight contest then, but for us the PS4 makes a more convincing argument today and wins round one. If you're spending big money on a new console you want something that looks like it has a long life ahead of it, which the PS4 does. The Xbox One...


Opinie eksperta : Chris Martin (

Sony PlayStation 4 review 2014: PS4 review


Sony's PlayStation has reached its fourth generation, but it is worth your hard earned cash? Find out in our full PS4 review. Updated on 15/01/14.

The Sony PS4 is a good looking and powerful console with fantastic hardware. We like the new DualShock controller and smooth interface. It's also cheaper than the Xbox One but a lack of killer titles mean it's probably worth hanging back for a while,...


Opinie eksperta : Adel (

Sony PlayStation 4 Review


So I finally bit the bullet.

First-time-out faults aside, the PS4 has a lot of potential, and of the two next-gen consoles that have come out, the PS4 seems to be the leaner, meaner, slightly more powerful game console. If I gambled, I’d go with the PS4; it may not have all of the...


Opinie eksperta : Sanjiv Sathiah (

Review: Sony PlayStation 4


Sony serves up power and performance with the PS4

Great design, excellent build quality- Cutting-edge processor and graphics performance- Much improved OS and UI- DualShock 4 controller outstanding- Superb second-screen options with PS Vita, iOS, Android- PlayStation Plus great value- Expandable storage

Limited multimedia functionality at launch- Will take time for Sony to fully unlock its potential- Currently not a lot of must-have gaming titles


Opinie eksperta : Stephen Fenech (

Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console review


The PlayStation 4 is finally here and the good news is the device delivers across the board for gamers looking to take their enjoyment to the next level.

The PlayStation 4 is going to be a huge hit – we understand if you haven’t pre-ordered the console you’re facing a long wait – possibly until early 2014 – before you can get your hands on one.


Opinie eksperta : Luke Hopewell (

Sony PlayStation 4 Australian Review: Gamer's Paradise


Sony has been carefully brewing the PlayStation 4 to be a gamer's dream machine. How close did it get to fulfilling your every fantasy, though? Pretty goddamn close, given a bit of time..

Yes, absolutely. It’s a bit of a marketing gimmick, but the PS4 really is for the players.