Samsung QN95B (2022) Series

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Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung QE65QN95B


Samsung proves that mini LED technology really is nothing short of an LCD TV revolution with its QE65QN95B 4K Neo QLED

Spectacular picture quality ; Comprehensive gaming features ; Minimalistic Infinity design

New smart system isn’t helpful at all ; No Dolby Vision support ; Blooming issues from wide viewing angles

While the QE65QN95B’s picture quality charms don’t come cheap, they underline emphatically the potential Mini LED technology has to take LCD TVs to a whole other level – for gamers and movie fans alike.


Opinie eksperta : What Hi-Fi? (

Samsung QE65QN95B review


Mini LED's irresistible rise continues


Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung QN95B (65QN95B) review: the best 4K TV from Samsung yet


The Samsung QN95B refines the awesome picture power of mini-LED to create something mind-blowing

Stunningly bright and intense HDR pictures ; Excellent 4K sharpness and clarity ; Strong streaming app support ; Comprehensive gaming features and support ; Sophisticated Infinity design

New smart interface is a misstep ; Backlight clouding from wide viewing angles ; Occasional black detail crushing in Standard mode ; Default settings cause artefacts ; No Dolby Vision support

The Samsung QN95A takes the already fantastic image quality of Neo QLED and cranks it up even further, somehow. The level of clarity is realistic beyond reason, and the HDR performance is dazzling – literally, in some cases. Add in its beautiful slim...


Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K TV review


Meet the first new Samsung Neo QLED TV of 2022

Spectacular picture quality ; Gorgeous minimalistic design ; Comprehensive streaming app support

Convoluted smart system ; Occasionally aggressive dimming ; On the expensive side


Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung QE65QN95B 65in 4K HDR LED TV Review


Samsung's first new TV of 2022 emphasises the strengths of mini LED technology, reckons John Archer While OLED had new brighter panels to shout about in 2021, the story of the year for rival LCD technology was definitely the arrival of mini LED...


Opinie eksperta : Steve Withers (

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED 4K TV review: A cinematic shining star


The 2022 flagship Neo QLED TV from Samsung combines a Mini LED backlight and Quantum Dots with a 4K neural processor and class-leading local dimming.

Impressive picture quality ; Class-leading local dimming ; Cutting-edge processing ; Big sonic delivery ; Superb gaming performance

Redesigned smart platform is disappointing from an ergonomic perspective ; Still no Dolby Vision

The 2022 flagship Neo QLED TV from Samsung combines a Mini LED backlight and Quantum Dots with a 4K neural processor and class-leading local dimming. The resulting images are some of the best you’ll see, and this TV sounds good too, thanks to Dolby...


Opinie eksperta : Kyle Bartlett (



The Samsung QN9B QLED is Samsung's highest-end 4k LED TV, and it's the successor to the Samsung QN95A QLED, which was never released in North America. It's part ...

Supports all three VRR formats. Completely judder-free from all sources. Upscales lower resolution content well. Fantastic peak brightness in HDR. Excellent contrast and an impressive local dimming feature. Superb peak brightness and excellent...

Some noticeable stutter in slow-panning shots. Doesn't support Dolby Vision or DTS. A bit of noticeable dirty screen effect. Lower peak brightness and worse local dimming in 'Game' Mode.

The Samsung QN95B is an excellent TV for mixed usage. It's excellent for watching shows or sports in a bright room thanks to its superb peak brightness and excellent reflection handling. It's amazing for gaming, with low input lag, a fast response...


Opinie eksperta : Stephen Withers (

Samsung QN95B (QE65QN95B) review: A hard-to-fault flagship


This awesome 4K HDR TV seamlessly combines gorgeous design, cutting-edge tech and advanced features

Fantastic SDR and HDR performance ; VRR, ALLM, and 4K at 120Hz ; Great sound quality

No Dolby Vision

The Samsung QN95B is an awesome addition to the company’s TV lineup, combining Mini LED backlighting, class-leading local dimming and cutting-edge image processing to produce some of the best SDR and HDR pictures you’ll see this year. The 4K image...


Opinie eksperta : Rasmus Larsen (

Samsung QN95B 'Neo QLED' review


Samsung's new 4K LCD flagship with a redesigned Tizen interface

Good SDR picture quality ; TV speakers & Dolby Atmos support ; HDMI 2.1 features ; Sleek design

Heavy blooming ; Revamped Tizen with ads, promoted content ; Tizen not receiving updates ; Horrendous Game mode ; Loss of resolution due to wide viewing angles


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV review


The Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV is the premium QLED set to get. With best-in-class brightness, a clever design and every feature you need from a smart TV, the QN95B is tough to beat.

While no Dolby Vision is a weird thing for this TV to miss out on, I think most people can overlook it while they’re watching their movies and shows with crisp 4K details, great color and, of course, outstanding brightness.


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