Samsung F85xx Plasma (2013) Series

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Opinie eksperta : Campbell Simpson (

Samsung Series 8+ (F8500) plasma TV


Like watching movies? You'll love Samsung's Series 8+ plasma

Great brightness levels (for a plasma) ; Excellent contrast, detail, colour accuracy ; Samsung’s class-leading Smart TV tech

Relatively high power consumption ; Panasonic’s plasmas are cheaper

If you can afford the $20 a year in extra power, Samsung’s top plasma TV is by far the best choice for watching high quality video. We think it’s equal to Panasonic’s best plasmas for black level and overall contrast, with an extra boost in available...


Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung PS51F8500


Samsung piles the heat on Panasonic with this stellar 51-inch plasma TV.

Spectacular picture quality ; Remarkably sophisticated Smart TV engine ; Loads of video streaming apps

Minor brightness instability during dark scenes ; Smart interface can be a bit confusing at times ; Minor motion fizzing with brightness levels set high

To see how the PS51F8500 pictures hold up, however, head to the next page.


Editor's Choice!

Opinie eksperta : John Archer (

Samsung PS64F8500


Samsung's first plasma TV of 2013 is a movie-fan's dream come true.

Spectacularly bright yet also contrast-rich pictures ; Outstanding suite of online video services ; Potent audio system

Some dithering noise in dark scenes ; Occasional brightness 'jumps ; Smart interface can be inscrutable

As with pretty much all aspects of Samsung’s latest Smart interface, though, it would have been hugely helpful if Samsung had provided users with a bit more assistance on how to use the voice recognition system, rather than just expecting consumers to...


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung PS51F8500ST review


The Samsung PS51F8500ST should appeal to plasma enthusiasts

Deep ; immersve images ; Excellent motion resolution ; Sophisticated design

Voice and motion control ; Off-axis horizontal viewing ; Directional remote control


Editor's Choice

Opinie eksperta : John R. Delaney (

Samsung PN64F8500


The Samsung PNF8500 series is a top-shelf plasma HDTV line that delivers outstanding color quality, solid 2D and 3D imagery, and very dark blacks. You'll shell out some big bucks for this model though, and you may want to pick up a universal remote...

Very dark blacks. Accurate colors that pop. Strong feature set. Good 3D depth.

Pricey. Not energy-efficient. Funky remote.

Conclusion There's a lot to like about the Samsung PN60F8500AF. Amazing picture quality, inky blacks, and a robust feature set put this set at the top of its class and earn it our Editors' Choice for big-screen plasma HDTVs. Be forewarned though,...


Opinie eksperta : David Katzmaier (

Samsung's best TV ever is a bright idea in plasma


The PNF8500 is the best-performing plasma TV we've ever tested in bright rooms, and its dark room picture is good enough to challenge the best Panasonics.

The ; exhibits outstanding picture quality with a class-leading bright-room image, exceedingly deep black levels, very good shadow detail, highly accurate colors and superb off-angle and uniformity characteristics; mind-boggling feature list with...

Extremely expensive; correct film cadence requires sacrificing some black level; remote lacks numerous direct commands; imperfect cable box control; consumes more power than LCD TVs.

Samsung's best-performing TV ever, the PNF8500 series pushes the plasma picture quality envelope, especially in bright rooms.


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung PS51F8500


The Samsung PS51F8500 is a top-class plasma TV: it isn't cheap – but you get what you pay for

Terrific picture packed with fine detail and strong contrasts ; Natural colour palette ; Strong blacks ; Impressive range of features ; Decent sound

Voice and gesture controls still frustrate ; Some rivals produce a more overtly impressive picture

MORE: Samsung TVs get bigger and smarter for 2013

Opinie eksperta (

Samsung 64" F8500 Series 8 Smart 3D Full HD Plasma TV overview



Opinie eksperta : Clint DeBoer (

Samsung PN51F8500AF Plasma TV Review


Samsung's latest and greatest television, the PN51F8500, is the best plasma TV Samsung has ever released. In fact, it's probably the best plasma TV we've ever reviewed. Just let that sink in a bit...


Opinie eksperta : Cliff Heyne (

Samsung PN64F8500, PN60F8500, & PN51F8500 Plasma TV Comparison


The Samsung F8500 series consists of three different plasma TVs, the PN64F8500, PN60F8500, and PN51F8500. Read on for a full overview and comparison of each model.


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