Fujifilm X-T10

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Recommended by TR

Opinie eksperta : TrustedReviews (trustedreviews.com)

FujiFilm X-T10


The FujiFilm X-T10 is a smaller alternative to the X-T1, one of the nicest compact system cameras money can buy. This one starts at £499 without a lens, making it half the price of its big brother.

Great image colour ; High-quality build ; Plenty of manual controls

No 4K video ; Action of some controls could be better


Opinie eksperta : Jim Fisher (pcmag.com)

Fujifilm X-T10


The mirrorless X-T10 is the best camera Fujifilm offers at a sub-$1,000 price point, but its burst shooting duration is disappointing.

Excellent image quality. 7.8fps shooting rate. Very good controls. Integrated flash and hot shoe. Sharp EVF. Tilting rear display. Solid build quality. Several film emulation modes. Wi-Fi.

Very limited burst shooting duration. High ISO limited to JPG only. Lower resolution compared with others in its class. Pricey.

Conclusions The X-T10 is another strong mirrorless entry from Fujifilm. It has a lot going for it, including an excellent control scheme, a big electronic viewfinder, in-camera Wi-Fi, and an extensive lens system. Film emulation modes allow JPG...


Opinie eksperta : Dan Bracaglia (dpreview.com)

Fujifilm X-T10 Review


The Fujifilm X-T1 was a landmark camera in many ways, with it's extremely high resolution electronic viewfinder, great image quality, weather-sealed body, and engaging control system (we even gave it a Gold award). It's fairly commonplace for camera...

JPEGs offer pleasing colors Good image quality at both low and high ISOs Ample physical controls make for an engaging shooting experience Solid build quality, while still maintaining a light weight Film Simulation modes are practical and a lot of fun...

Buffer during 8 fps burst is very limited Maximum ISO limited to 6400 when shooting Raw Face detect and subject tracking in continuous AF too slow and erratic to be useful Poor video quality Over-sensitive eye sensor No touchscreen 16MP sensor is out...

Fujifilm makes niche cameras. The X-T10 uses a several-years-old 16MP X-Trans APS-C sensor. It doesn't shoot 4K, or even offer particularly good HD video quality. Despite a valiant effort on the part of its engineers, it also can't reliably track...


Opinie eksperta : Dan Seifert (theverge.com)

Fujifilm X-T10 review


Last year, Fujifilm introduced the X-T1, a tremendous camera that was designed from the ground up to appeal to serious photographers. It had great image quality, great ergonomics, and a...

Compact design with a lot of controls ; Bright, sharp viewfinder ; Excellent image quality

Poor video quality and options ; No USB charging ; No weather sealing


Opinie eksperta : Josh Fate (steves-digicams.com)

Fujifilm X-T10


Switch for easy access to SR+ Auto and all other shooting modes ; Dedicated Video Capture Button is always ready to record ; 3 setting dials and 2 command dials let you adjust your shooting settings quickly while shooting ; Excellent image quality ;...

Maximum ISO settings are not really useable ; Video recording button was hard to press and start recording ; Price is a little on the high end for an enthusiast model

The Fujifilm X-T10 is a fantastic enthusiast level ILC. Sporting the 16-Megapixel X-Trans imaging sensor, EXR Processor II, Full 1080p HD video and total shooting control on the camera make it lots of fun to use. Performance and image quality will not...


Opinie eksperta (stuff.tv)

Fujifilm X-T10 review


Probably the best pound-for-pound camera you can buy

Beautiful, sharp and colourful pictures ; Looks great ; Handles superbly ; Priced to thrill

Autofocus struggles with action ; Video is distinctly average ; 16MP won't be enough for some

The Fujifilm X-T10 would be a great camera at any price, but at this one it's unbeatable


Opinie eksperta : Mike Lowe (pocket-lint.com)

Fujifilm X-T10 review: Retro done right


Although it might sound like the bad guy from a not-yet-written Terminator movie, the Fujifilm X-T10 is actually the good guy. A very good guy indeed. For this compact system camera is like a watered-down version of its X-T1 bigger brother , albeit...

Great value prospect, top-of-line image quality (as per X-T1 big brother), build quality beyond its price point

Autofocus not as fast as some competitors, oversaturated JPEGs, viewfinder not as physically large as X-T1

As we quipped within the opening lines of this review, the X-T10's Terminator-like name actually might be entirely apt given how it shoots down most of its near-priced competitors. Its combination of retro design, quality construction, top notch image...


Opinie eksperta : Angela Nicholson (techradar.com)

Fuji X-T10 review


Fuji's more affordable SLR-style X-series camera is a little beauty

Excellent build with traditional controls ; High-quality images ; Good value for money

Lacks the weatherproofing of the X-T1 ; Tilting rather than vari-angle screen ; Sensitivity expansion and Advanced Filter options are JPEG-only

An excellent cut-down version of the X-T1 that delivers in the key areas with excellent image quality, great access to the most important features and an excellent viewfinder that can keep up with moving subjects – as can the autofocus system.


Opinie eksperta : Mark Peters (letsgodigital.org)

Fujifilm X-T10 premium interchangeable lens camera


Fujifilm X-T10 premium digital camera : Fujifilm recently released the X-T10 premium camera. The latest interchangeable lens camera joins the world-renowned X-series camera line-up. Boasting outstanding image quality thanks to unique color reproduction...

Fujifilm has also unveiled a premium accessory line-up for the X-T10. The Fujifilm BLC-XT10 Leather Case is a stylish, authentic leather protective case that has a wonderfully tactile feel and perfectly suits the X-T10's classic design. With the X-T10...


Expert Reviews Best Buy

Opinie eksperta : Ben Pitt (expertreviews.co.uk)

Fujifilm X-T10 review


With superb controls, class-leading image quality and a remarkably low price, the Fuji X-T10 is a Best Buy

There's no serious telephoto lens in the range. Fujifilm's website states this is coming soon, but regardless, the disappointing RAW performance means this isn't the ideal camera for sports and wildlife photography. However, for portraits, landscapes...