Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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Opinie eksperta : Henry Burrell (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Review: 5G version now official with 865 Plus


While this isn't the Galaxy Fold 2, the Z Flip is Samsung's second foldable and it's more of a rival to the Motorola Razr.

Undeniable wow factor;Excellent battery life;Great performance

Very expensive;Fragile display; Can’t use it closed


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Admire it, don't buy it


Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip isn't just the latest foldable phone to hit store shelves -- it's also the least expensive, and the one we enjoy using the most. The main draw here is the design: The Z Flip feels like a perfectly normal smartphone while open...

Flip phone form factor is practical and fun ; Great all-around performance ; Solid camera quality ; It feels like a standard smartphone when open ; It’s the least expensive foldable out there

Inherently more fragile than other phones ; External screen is too small to be helpful ; The main glass screen is still prone to scratching ; Flex Mode is pretty limited ; Less future-proof than more traditional rivals

Its inherent fragility, more than anything, is why I hesitate to embrace the Z Flip more fully. Sure, these things might last longer than Samsung suggests, but we don't live our lives in hermetically sealed labs. The real world is messy. Accidents...


Opinie eksperta : GSMArena team (

Best premium all-rounders 2020 - buyer’s guide


A bit of an arbitrary distinction here - what's a premium phone that can do it all, how does it differ from the true top-dogs, where do the...

A bit of an arbitrary distinction here - what's a premium phone that can do it all, how does it differ from the true top-dogs, where do the aggressively-priced models that can pass for 'flagship killers' go? Well, we tried to make some sense out of it,...

Opinie eksperta : Dieter Bohn (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: temper your expectations


Samsung has made the best folding phone, but that is a low bar right now.

Great performance ; Decent battery life ; Solid-feeling, smooth hinge

Glass screen’s plastic covering picks up scratches easily ; Cameras aren’t as good as S10 or iPhone 11 ; Expensive

At the end of the day, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is still an expensive curiosity that you shouldn’t buy. But it is a sign that something far less curious and far more normal is actually possible.


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review


Flipping heck, an almost durable foldable!

Great design ; Nippy performance ; Novelty factor

Front screen too small ; Main screen is fragile ; Mono speaker

The easiest foldable to recommend thanks to excellent design, despite its sky-high price and 2019 internals.


Opinie eksperta : Chris Hall (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Charming, but not without compromise


The real question with the Z Flip is how much are you willing to compromise in exchange for novelty?

It's cool ; Great retro flip action ; Plenty of power ; Solid build ; Good camera performance

Display longevity concerns ; No waterproofing ; Price

The real question with the Z Flip is how much are you willing to compromise in exchange for novelty? For many people, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will meet their requirements in battery, camera and power, providing something unique that looks great; but...


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: The best foldable phone yet, now with 5G


The Z Flip is certainly the most appealing foldable around, but until the price drops it will remain a niche product

Not the Galaxy Fold ; Dual form factor ; Performs like a Samsung flagship

Screen durability remains to be seen ; 5G upgrade costs more

But, like the small child that I am, I still laugh out loud when I unfold the screen, and see the eye-popping reaction of my friends. That, coupled with the “good enough” specs and features, means it is good enough to be recommended to those who, like...


TechAdvisor Recommended

Opinie eksperta : Dominic Preston (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn't perfect, but Samsung has nailed the foldable form factor, making it a joy to use.


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip hands-on review: Flip it and reverse it


The Z Flip might just be the first foldable that's worth it

Stay tuned for our full review in the coming weeks.


Opinie eksperta (

Galaxy Z Flip ongoing review: Battery life, weird design choice, star features so far


I've been using the Galaxy Z Flip long enough to get a handle on how long it lasts and what it's best for. Read on for new insights!

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