Razer Phone 2

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Opinie eksperta (engadget.com)

Razer Phone 2 review: Strictly for gamers


The Razer Phone 2 is without doubt a great phone for gamers. It has a gorgeous, buttery smooth display, punchy and robust sound, and plenty of power and battery life to keep you in the game for longer. Slight tweaks like the addition of...

Crisp colorful display with 120Hz refresh rate ; Dolby Atmos speakers ; Decent battery life with Quick Charge capabilities ; Buttery smooth performance

Camera quality is still not great ; Form factor isn’t very comfortable ; The phone can get pretty hot


Opinie eksperta : Alastair Stevenson (trustedreviews.com)

Razer Phone 2 Review | Trusted Reviews


The ultimate gaming phone returns

Variable refresh screen is great for gaming ; Powerful performance ; Leading in class speakers

Camera still isn't flagship level ; Design is divisive

The Razer Phone 2 is perfect for PUBG sessions on the go, but it gets a few basics wrong


Opinie eksperta : Patrick Holland (cnet.com)

Razer's new phone has video game power, flagship features and snake logos that light up


It improves on the original Razer Phone in almost every way, but its battery life and photo quality are disappointing, even after a software update.

The Razer Phone 2 adds IP67 water resistance, a brighter 120Hz screen and wireless charging. That's on top of its great gaming performance and amazing built-in speakers. It's also compatible with 2TB microSD cards for extra storage and runs a...

Battery life is worse than the original Razer Phone, despite costing $100 more.

Short battery life and just OK photos undermine what is otherwise an amazing phone.


Opinie eksperta : Ajay Kumar (pcmag.com)

Razer Phone 2


The Razer Phone 2 is a great Android phone for gaming, but it's pretty average at everything else.

Sharp, responsive 120Hz display. Powerful specs and gaming performance. Thunderous front speakers. Programmable logo on the back.

Thick, unwieldy form factor. Subpar camera performance and battery life. No headphone jack.

The Razer Phone 2 is another impressive gaming machine, but it neglects the basics. Yes, the 120Hz screen and advanced cooling system are sure to please mobile gamers looking for top-notch performance. But it doesn't deliver an extraordinary...


Opinie eksperta : Stefan Etienne (theverge.com)

Razer Phone 2 review: it glows, but it doesn’t shine


Is a gaming phone better than a "regular" phone?

Smoothest display on any current Android phone ; Best speakers on any current Android phone ; A light-up Chroma logo

Cameras are (still) a miss ; Brick design is unwieldy ; Gets warm playing videos / games

Correction: Only the iPad Pro, from among Apple’s products, has a high refresh rate like the Razer Phone 2, not the iPhone X / XS as previously suggested.


Opinie eksperta : Adam Patrick Murray (pcworld.com)

Razer Phone 2 review: Still the best gaming phone


The Razer Phone 2 is a gaming powerhouse that loses some of its charm in the upgrades.

Top of the line specs and build quality ; Killer 120Hz screen and dual front facing speakers ; Near stock version Android with useful features

Glass back ; No headphone jack

Despite the lack of headphone jack and a switch to the glass back I can still say that the Razer Phone 2 is the best ‘gaming phone’ out there. It couples hardcore specs with gamer-focused features and a super-clean version of Android—a combination that...

Opinie eksperta : Mike Lowe (pocket-lint.com)

Razer Phone 2: Gaming glory brings its share of compromise


120Hz display means super-smooth operation throughout ; Among the best speakers we've ever heard in a smartphone ; Heaps of power available ; Light-up logo is a fun design aspect

Cameras operation could be faster ; Screen lacks vibrancy ; Brick phone design feels overly chunky in today's tall and trim flagship world ; Gets hot and batery life isn't very good (considering capacity)

A niche proposition has some excellent features – including fast refresh rate screen and illuminating rear logo – but a design that can't hold its own against the current crop of flagships. As a stand-out device with points of difference it's sometimes...


Opinie eksperta (stuff.tv)

Razer Phone 2 review


Still the most gamer-friendly screen on a smartphone, but now with added RGB flair

Screen is super smooth, with great-sounding speakers to match ; Refined design that little bit easier to hold ; RGB lighting really hammers home Razer's trademark style

Camera still not up there with the best ; Expensive ; Industrial design not to all tastes

Impeccable performance and the smoothest screen you'll find on Android, now improved with a design that's slightly more forgiving on your palms. It's still niche, though, and the higher price does it no favours


Opinie eksperta : Basil Kronfli (techradar.com)

Razer Phone 2 review


Same old brand-new Razer Phone - with a bit better specs.

Excellent speakers Loads of power 120Hz screen is unique on a phone

Mid-range camera 16:9 aspect ratio feels dated 64GB storage too little for the price

If you’re an RGB-loving gamer who lives an overclocked life at 120Hz, then there’s a good chance the Razer Phone 2 will push your buttons. Given that our reviews aren’t just for gamers, though, luxuries like a 120Hz display and illuminating back aren’t...


Opinie eksperta : Chris Burns (slashgear.com)

Razer Phone 2 Review: The Slight Difference


The Razer Phone 2 once again offers a unique smartphone package to a still-stagnant smartphone market. We're no longer in a place where there's a massive number of people looking to buy their first phone (in the USA, anyway), we're at the point at...

120Hz display still unmatched (like RP1) ; Front-facing speakers sound great ; Top-notch performance on every game we tested ; Industrial Design remains strong

Display could be brighter ; Glass backside means lowered durability ; No headphone jack ; Speaker grilles catch dust real easy


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