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Opinie eksperta : Ardjuna Seghers (

Archos 101 XS


An Asus Transformer rival Android tablet from Archos.

Decent connectivity ; Relatively low-cost ; Respectable overall performance

Mediocre battery life ; Some serious build problems ; Could do with some stabilisation updates

For all the details, performance results and our definitive verdict on the Archos 101 XS, have a read of our full review which will be coming soon. But at first blush, Archos seems to have created a decent budget tablet if you’re after something that...


Opinie eksperta : Sarah Silbert (

Archos 101 XS review: a tablet that puts the keyboard center stage


More Info Archos outs G10 xs tablet line, readies Transformer Prime contenders Archos teases G10 xs with first press shot, vows launch in

Innovative design ; Keyboard included at $400

Cramped keyboard ; Short battery life ; Cheap build quality

The $400 Archos 101 XS includes a keyboard dock built into the tablet's cover, but this innovative feature doesn't amount to a good typing experience.


Opinie eksperta : David Pierce (

Archos 101 XS review


Let's just call it like it is: Archos doesn't have a history of making good tablets. I have fond memories of my Jukebox MP3 player from years ago, but more recently the company's produced a slew of...

Good-looking design ; Coverboard is handy, and included ; Price is right

Significant build quality issues ; Gets really dirty and scuffed ; Strange software and performance quirks

A leap forward for Archos, but not for the tablet market


Opinie eksperta : Chris Hall (

Archos 101 XS


Archos hasn't had the greatest success with its run of Android tablets. Having pushed out an Android device way back when, the French company found itself falling foul of the Google certification problem. We know how important desirability is to...

Coverboard is innovative and mostly works well, value for money, physical connections and expandable memory

Some build quality gripes, speaker performance, battery life isn't great, Coverboard is a little too lightweight, finish scratches easily

We know how important desirability is to consumers. Although the Archos 101 XS is smart, is it going to be desirable enough to for the £299 asking price? For a 10-inch tablet, the price is pretty good, but it’s only £30 cheaper than an iPad 2 and those...


Opinie eksperta : Jason Inofuentes (

The Archos 101 XS Review: Prettier, Faster, So Much Better


When Apple and Samsung were just in the planning stages of their respective tablets, Archos was already knee deep in it. Android was still just an idea Andy Rubin hadn't quite fully fleshed out, when Archos introduced the Archos 5, a 3G equipped...


Opinie eksperta : Paul Lamkin (

Archos 101 XS review


Tranformer Prime rival arrives but can it compete?

Native Android ; Nippy processor ; Keyboard dock ; Affordable price

Average display ; Terrible sound ; Poor build quality ; Ugly design

Buying Guide 15 best Android tablets in the world French tech manufacturer Archos have been banging out tablets since before you were in long trousers, Sonny Jim - although back in the early noughties, the likes of its AV series were simply considered...


Opinie eksperta : Eliane Fiolet (

Archos 101 XS Review


We were glad to see that the Archos 101 XS did live up to our expectations of being thin and affordable and was pretty much exactly how it looked in the video presentation I saw during the press conference held [...]

The Archos 101 XS offers good bang for the buck and does not sacrifice the look for the price.In fact, it is the most stylish 10-inch tablet under $400 we have seen. The tablet+keyboard combo offers one of the best solution for mobile productivity in...


Opinie eksperta : Chris Burns (

Archos 101 XS Review


This week we've got our hands on the Archos 101 XS tablet (part of the G10 series) with included keyboard dock, featuring a dual-core OMAP 4470 processor and a 10.1-inch display as well as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This tablet brings on a nearly...

This device presents a rather interesting – and certainly unique – offering to the Android tablet universe. Compared to the ASUS Transformer Prime with keyboard dock , this device doesn’t quite seem as high quality a final product – but it’s a lot less...


Opinie eksperta : (

Archos 101 XS 2 and Chefpad tablets review


Archos refines its keyboard cover-equipped 101 tablet and launches another designed just for the kitchen - we take a look


Opinie eksperta : Seth Barton (

Archos 101 XS review


A slender, capable and cleverly-designed tablet for those who also want a physical keyboard


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