Samsung EI-AN900

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Horrible battery life and clunky syncing


Looks beautiful, nice design, app is simple enough

After less than a month of use I get less that 8 hours per charge. Totally useless for this type of product. Additionally, it seems that if you don't keep bluetooth constantly on, you will miss out on data. I don't understand when the device will vs....


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Glorified Pedometer,



Other Samsung Products

This entire watch is a con. My GPS app tracts my distance just as accurately. Bluetooth eats up battery life, unlike my app GPS tracker.


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No frills. App works. Great battery life. Zero impact on phone battery.


NO WAY would I pay the retail price. For $20 and under worth it.

It was free after rebate. It tracks my steps and can track sleep patterns (I dont use sleep function). Battery lasts the work week and charges fast. App is pretty straightforward which is suprising for a samsung app. I guess they are learning. What can...

None. Free and working fine. Some people's phone have this functionality already built in. Although my flagship phone is still awesome it is a 2012 (Note II) model so it doesn't have the activity hardware built in. The phone apparently can be used as a...


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- Now have a FitBit and I am much happier with it.

- Light weight

- Uncomfortable to wear. - Very limited functionality. - I couldn't process the rebate because it was supposedly post marked more than 30 days after purchase. I did not keep the post office receipt (my fault).


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It was defective and It couldn't be started at all


It was defective so there is nothing that I like about it!

Very weak product. Not recommend to anybody!


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Good One


Good one

Simple to use and good battery life more than 4-5 days

there is no way to enter manual sleep time


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Seems to be a good starter activity tracker


- An activity tracker seemed like the silliest thing in the world to me. I would never have forked out 50 to 100 dollars on a contraption I figured I would abandon within 2 weeks (I have a very poor track record at keeping up with fitness/healthy...

- Charge lasts a considerable amount of time, I've only charged it twice in almost 4 weeks - App required is nicely made, easily customization to your specific use. - Comfortable, I hardly know its there - Got it for super cheap - Effectively...

- Sometimes I have problems getting it to sync, It was worse when I first got it but the problems seem to have ironed themselves out. It took me about 30 minutes to get it to sync the first time. - Not much functionality included, this is the most...


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Only compatible with a couple devices


It's nonrefundable, so mine is going into the trash.

None, it doesn't work.

-Nowhere on the box or in the literature does it say anything about being restricted to certain devices. My flagship phone isn't Samsung, so they prevent me from getting the app for it. -The app name is generic. Hundreds of results come up for it. It...


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Basically pointless


keeps track of steps accurate enough battery is long enough that I do not really worry about it, but long enough that I forget to charge it.

The one thing that I wanted it for was because of the “Call and message notifications” doesn't even work on my phone (possibly because I got it through Freedom pop with a different call/text app). It will only beep/blink if you get a phone call or a...


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Samsung S Health Activity Tracker - 1st Unit Died after 1 wk, 2nd Unit DOA


The price makes the unit attractive and it would have been a fantastic deal... IF the unit worked. Failing after a week with no recourse is simply unacceptable. A Second Unit Purchased NEVER worked at all! While the 1st. unit worked, my wife loved it...

Appended Review (March 19, 2016): - 1st unit purchased Had Connection Failures after 1 week use. 2nd unit Failed to connect/sync ever. - Stay Away! It is a Total Waste of Your Time & Money! - Inexpensive. After MIR it was only US$2.99 - Light Weight -...

Edited: I purchased a second unit because the cost was Free after MIR and I thought I could get service on the first unit. The second one came with the exact same problem (failure to connect by Bluetooth to any Android device). - Absolutely NO support...


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