Apple Watch Series 7 (2021)

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Opinie eksperta : Andy Boxall (

Apple Watch Series 7 Review: The best smartwatch you can buy, by far


Spoiler alert: The Apple Watch Series 7 impresses at every turn, and does everything you could want and more. Our in-depth review explains why it's so good.

Large screen, small bezels ; Easily personalized ; Choice of models and sizes ; Comprehensive health tracking ; Reliable software and notifications ; Fast charging ; Stronger and tougher than before

Only works with the iPhone

“Stylish, personalizable, powerful, reliable, and with a bigger viewing area, smaller bezels, and faster charging than before, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch you can buy.”


Opinie eksperta : Max Parker (

Apple Watch 7 Review: Still the king | Trusted Reviews


It might be light on big changes, but the Apple Watch Series 7 reigns supreme as the smartwatch king for iOS users.

Much faster charging ; BIgger screen is great ; Wide range of easy-to-use fitness features

Battery life remains a day ; No neutral black or silver aluminium colour options


Opinie eksperta : Mat Gallagher (

Apple Watch Series 7 Nike review: sporty spice


The Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 7 has a couple of features that make it an ideal choice for runners

Nike bounce exclusive face ; Nike Run Club app pre-installed ; Great choice of straps

Identical to the regular Series 7 in all other ways ; Heavy Nike branding is not for everyone ; Less choice on case color and material

There are only a few subtle differences between the regular Apple Watch Series 7 and this Nike version but if you want to use your watch to track your runs (and like Nike branding), there's no reason not to pick this model.


Opinie eksperta : Matthew Bolton (

Apple Watch Series 7 review: big is beautiful


The Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch available today, and its larger screen is a bigger deal than you might think

Bigger screen, smaller bezels ; Fast to charge ; Very slick to use ; Easy health & fitness features

Battery life is still 1 day ; Sleep tracking still weak ; Limited for hardcore fitness users

The Apple Watch Series 7 uses its bigger screen to great effect, giving a genuine upgrade over older models or the Apple Watch SE. It's a beautiful, fast and truly useful premium smartwatch, and is easily the best of its kind for iPhone owners.


Opinie eksperta : Angela Moscaritolo (

Apple Watch Series 7 Review


Larger display than previous models ; Faster charging ; Improved durability ; New watch colors and faces

No major feature updates from last generation ; One-day battery life remains the same

With more screen real estate, improved durability, and faster charging, the Apple Watch Series 7 retains its crown as the best smartwatch on the market.


Opinie eksperta : Gareth Beavis (

Apple Watch 7 review


The Apple Watch 7 is the Series 6 with a slightly larger screen

Brighter, larger screen than Series 6 ; Faster charging

Workouts are varied, but basic ; Battery life needs to be longer

The Apple Watch 7 is basically the Watch 6 with a slightly larger screen and the ability to charge faster and unless you can find it for significantly less, nowadays your money is better spent on the Series 8. That said, it still packs a wide variety...


Opinie eksperta : Stuart Miles (

Apple Watch Series 7 review: All about that screen


Does the larger screen and smaller amount of bezel on the Apple Watch Series 7 make it a must-buy wearable, or is there little reason to upgrade?

Bigger screen is better ; Supports previous Apple Watch straps ; Dust- and water-proof design

Battery life still only a day per charge ; Are all those sensors truly necessary?

Apple's wearable continues to improve year on year. The Series 7 introduces a larger and brighter screen, further showing off why it's the best smartwatch on the market. However, the battery life is still only good for one day per charge.


Opinie eksperta : Sean Riley (

Apple Watch 7 review: Tracking its victory laps


The Apple Watch 7 remains unchallenged in the smartwatch market

Excellent health/fitness tracking ; Robust app support ; Intuitive interface ; Large, bright display ; Stylish and unobtrusive design

Just all-day battery life ; Limited to iPhone users ; Expensive


Opinie eksperta : Chris Davies (

Apple Watch Series 7 Review


Nobody can deny that the Apple Watch won the smartwatch wars, and the latest Apple Watch Series 7 only extends that lead. A collection of endearing enhancements rather than the all-out reinvention …

Bigger display ; Faster charging ; On-screen keyboard massively improves text-entry ; Improved fitness tracking

Still just 1 day of battery life ; Dedicated fitness wearables offer more tracking features


Opinie eksperta : Lisa Eadicicco (

Apple Watch 7 review: A slight upgrade compared to last year's smartwatch


The Apple Watch Series 7 feels like the S6, but if you're upgrading from an older watch you'll have a lot to gain.

QWERTY keyboard lets you type on the watch ; Faster charging makes it easy to top off the battery ; Bigger buttons in apps and lock screen

Battery life hasn't improved ; Only two new watch faces designed for the bigger display


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