Nintendo DS Lite

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Opinie eksperta : Dave Jansen (

Nintendo DS Lite


All hail Nintendo! Every time our faith in Nintendo has been rocked, they have bounced back strongly. The DS Lite brings new appeal to Nintendo's handheld flagship.

Excellent design, works well, compact and light ;

No wrist strap or headphones ;

The DS Lite is destined to be a hugely popular product in this country. In Japan and the United States they are selling out in many stores and easily cement Nintendo as the kings of handheld gaming. There are some slight annoyances but they are only...


Opinie eksperta : Riyad Emeran (

Nintendo DS Lite - Handheld Console


Nintendo's DS ugly duckling comes of age and turns into the proverbial swan.

Despite my early misgivings about the DS, I was ever confident that Nintendo would come up with a better version, and that we’d all be asking ourselves why this new machine wasn’t launched in the first place. After all, that’s exactly what Nintendo did...


Opinie eksperta : Gizmodo - Brian Lam (

Review: Nintendo DS Lite


Nintendo DS Lite 8/10 Learn How We Rate Wired Best games. Most creative interface. 19-hour battery life. WiFi multiplayer action is easy to set up....

Best games. Most creative interface. 19-hour battery life. WiFi multiplayer action is easy to set up

Web browser is available only on a cartridge — sold separately. No multimedia playback


Opinie eksperta : David Rudden (

Nintendo DS Lite review: Nintendo DS Lite


Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is slimmer and much sleeker that the original DS. The device employs innovative dual-screen and microphone-enabled gameplay as well as Wi-Fi multiplayer capabilities, allowing for a growing list of original and fun games that you...

Playing online games via Wi-Fi can be a hassle. The darker models are just as susceptible to scratches and smudges as the Sony PSP and the iPod, and its multimedia potential remains exclusive to Japan.

With a slick new design, brighter screens, and a growing library of fun and innovative games, the Nintendo DS Lite is an impressive improvement over the original DS.


Editor's Choice!

Opinie eksperta : Carol A. Mangis (

Nintendo DS Lite


The Nintendo DS Lite ($129.99 list), announced in January, has finally arrived in the U.S. It's not so much a revolutionary device as it is a better version of the Nintendo DS (for dual screen), which was a pretty terrific portable game device already.

Bright screens. Lighter and slimmer than original DS.

Inserted Game Boy Advance cartridges stick out at the top slightly ; Watch the Nintendo DS Lite Video Review

The new, improved Nintendo DS Lite is worth the cost of the upgrade for fans of the original DS portable gaming device. It retains all the qualities that made the DS so much fun, and the bright new screens make a significant difference in the look of...


Opinie eksperta (

Nintendo DS Lite review


The original DS was a bit lardy but this is a leaner, meaner addiction inducing portable console

If you value innovation and playability over outright power, then the DS Lite is your handheld gamer – and it's cheap too.


Opinie eksperta : Rob Mead (

Nintendo DS Lite review


Two years is a long time in gaming, and time hasn't been very kind to the Nintendo DS

Portability ; Battery life ; Excellent catalogue of innovative games

Graphics performance ; User interface (post iPhone) ; Display size and shape

Compact, innovative and a joy for along time, the Nintendo DS now needs a serious overhaul to push it ahead of rivals like the PSP. Unless Nintendo does something soon, the DS could even be surpassed by the iPod - and that would be a sad thing to...


Opinie eksperta (

Nintendo DS Lite Console Review


The Nintendo DS Lite is a refined and tweaked version of the original, groundbreaking Nintendo DS device. Dual screens, Touch Screen technology with stylus, advanced graphics and wireless connectivity deliver the ultimate portable gaming experience.

The Nintendo DS Lite measures 133 x 73.9 x 21.5 mm and weighs just 218g.


Opinie eksperta : Sandy Berger (

Nintendo DS Lite Ice Blue Pack Review


Review of the special edition Nintendo DS Lite Ice Blue pack.


Opinie eksperta (

Nintendo DS Lite


The Nintendo DS Lite is a dual screen hand held console from Nintendo. It is more lightweight compared to earlier models. This handheld gaming console was released in 2006. The DS Lite is capable of receiving Wi-Fi signals and tips the scale at only...

Its aging bones are creaking a little, but the sheer fun factor and scope of its games library makes the bold, beautiful DS Lite the best handheld console around. Nintendo DS Lite is tagged with Nintendo, hand-held, portable, gaming and Wi-Fi. Select a...