Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken
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Street Fighter X Tekken review


Frantic fighting action, with a huge cast of characters – it's just held back by a few small flaws


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Street Fighter X Tekken


Launching just seven months ago on consoles, it seems that Street Fighter X Tekken never really caught on in the fighting game community. Some would argue this was a result of the quality of the game itself, but a bit of controversy surrounding the...


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'Street Fighter x Tekken' Review (PS3)


Street Fighter x Tekken Image © Capcom "Street Fighter x Tekken" marks another cross-franchise accomplishment for Capcom and finds a way to carve out its own personality in a market glutted with high quality product. Some of the combat relies too...


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Street Fighter X Tekken – review


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Street Fighter X Tekken PC Technical Review


Opinie eksperta : Common Sense Media (

Two brawler series fuse into one game; violent but no blood.


Parents need to know Street Fighter X Tekken is a fighting game. There is plenty of violence as pairs of fighters take on one another, and use many violent moves to win matches with "knock outs." There is no blood, but players will kick, punch, throw,...


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Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S.


I recently acquired an official Mad Catz' Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick V.S. edition for Xbox 360. I've played the hell out of it, and now I'm here to bring you my final results.

Sanwa-Denshi Quality Buttons and Stick, Ultra-Responsive, Excellent Build

High Price Tag, Connector Kit Sold Seperately, Custom Rewiring not very Accessible


Opinie eksperta : TechSmart (

Street Fighter X Tekken


Graphics look amazing, fast paced action, presentation is top notch, fighting system easy to pick up but fights remain challenging.

Won’t keep you nailed to the TV for epic marathon sessions; you can drive 18-wheeler trucks through the holes in the storyline; and not the greatest amount of choice in the customisation feature.


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Street Fighter X Tekken


Having thrown down the gauntlet to King Of Fighters, X-Men and pretty much every Lycra-clad hero from Marvel's comicbook roster, Capcom has already proved that Street Fighter is the most pugnacious bruiser in gaming history. And not content to rest on...


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Street Fighter X Tekken Review


At the end of the day, Street Fighter X Tekken is still a great fighting game. It has its issues, namely the online multiplayer component and the underwhelming menus, but there's still good fun to be had.

Core fighting gameplay is top-tier, Visually pleasing art style and flashy super moves, Solid PlayStation 3 exclusive content

Online multiplayer component can be a mess, A little too many mechanics layered over each other, Too much time spent going back and forth through menus