PNY Technologies SSD9SC120GMDF-RB XLR8

PNY Technologies SSD9SC120GMDF-RB XLR8
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Mediocre Performance, Awful Realiability


My first hard drive failure in ~20 years of building and tinkering with PCs. I have ~10 platter based HDDs that are 5-7 years old still running fine. My second SSD ever failed on me within a year.

Faster than mechanical HDD

Has severely degraded over the past few months with no SMART indication of failure. Even after doing an enhanced secure erase and reformatting, write speeds have collapsed to 1-2 MB/s. This is replicable on multiple SATA controllers


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Great when it works


I owned this for 8 months now and i optimized windows when first installing it to extend the life of my ssd's i have 2 of them in raid 0 for performance and i get about 950MB/s write and 1077MB/s read. this is great but one failed on me in 8 months.

Fast, as specified per specs on website, visually attracive

reliability isn't great


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First buil


I will continue to review as time goes on.

Fastest HD i have seen for my OS. Never built a computer before so never really knew about SSD's until a few builders told me to invest in one. Very inexpensive for the space

None yet


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Great buy!


Windows 8.1 boots so fast it's like the desktop came crashing onto the display.

WORKS ; FAST ; PRICE ; The boot times



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Nice SSD


Fast and reliable pus cheap. Got it in sale for $75



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Great Performance.


Excellent speed. Worked out of the box ; Raid 0 Benchmark of 2 drives on Sata 2 showed speeds of 530MB/s



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price2performance this is amazing


stay away from windows 8/8.1 if your any sort of power user.

price to performance this thing is amazing. installed windows 8.1 in less than 8 min (for school only) win7 install took a little longer about 10min. open office and many other programs launch almost instantly

price dropped after a month, wish i had waited would have grabbed the 240g instead


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Enjoy this awesome drive :-)

I am using this drive in a RAID 0 configuration with one other 120GB drive. more to come later but for now it is awesome! Extremely fast drive. comes with a short Sata cable so make sure you have another longer on or you will be in trouble. luckily I...

short sata cable (although it comes with one so that's not really a negative)


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Good Value SSD


Considering the recent sale with $10 rebate, the price is very attractive. I upgraded several computers of mine with SSD as my boot disk. Among the Samsung, Seagate, Sandisk regular and extreme ii and OCZ, this one has the best value. The perfomance...

Lowest priced 120GB SSD I bought, but performance is up there with others ; Easy OS boot disk loadup with BlackArmor Backup with no issue at all ; Immediately recognized by an ASUS Z77 (intel) and a Hudson D4 (AMD) board

None so far but time may tell


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So Far Awesome


I love having this SSD. My computer boots up in about twenty seconds, which coming from an old HP laptop to my new setup is amazing. Works great as a drive to set up your OS and some used most often programs/games

Could use a little more space, but can always pay more for that. For what I use it for it has plenty of space