Samsung 128GB 2.5" SATA III Bulk

Samsung 128GB 2.5" SATA III Bulk
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1st SSD


It's been 3 years now, start up takes 8 seconds from post. I wish I had gone bigger but 3 years ago prices were higher. I'm upgrading to a 500GB soon for cheaper than what this is now. The only reason is size. I'll end up running my programs off of it...



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Quit after 3.5 years


Worked well then died without warning taking all its precious data with it. Disappointed!

Worked well. then died without warning taking all its precious data with it. Disappointed!

Worked well then died without warning taking all its precious data with it. Disappointed!


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gave up after 3 years plus. used in second computer in vacation area, so had limited use,, by by drive


good while it worked

gave up after 3 years plus


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Disk failed a month after warranty ended -- warranty denied in wasteful manner


Will avoid Samsung products.

as good as any other until it died

After extremely light usage over 3 years (1.5 years of it disk was not used at all), disk failed -- you guessed it -- a month after warranty expired). Really? I figured I'll try to see what Samsung can do. Big pain. First, took several iterations with...


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Fast Startup

It has been making noise and has blue screened. I would like some warranty information as I have almost had the HDD for 3 years.


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fast, worth every penny!



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Just Awesom!


Whicked Fast!!!!!!!! Computer literally boots in like 23 to 25 Sec.! Doesn't get hot, not fragile like HDD, reliable, in use for over 2 years now and not one problem with drive!

Only con is the price, I wish I could have gotten a drive with a little more memory but the price tag kind of put the stop to that. If you are going to game get a bigger drive. That's it! Just buy it, either an 830 or 840 you will be happy!


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High hopes come crashing down


Makes me rethink about buying any more samsung products. If you have an issue you should be able to find answers without jumping through flaming hoops!

Worked for 18 months if that's a pro?!?

Died after 18 months of light use in a notebook. Then the nightmare starts of trying to navigate samsung's website only to find a one roadblock after another. I can't even send an email for this registered drive to ask a question through their website....


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Works/good price


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One of the Best SSD


Temperature has never gone over 89 F with this drive even with constant actiity.

Going on 2 years and still performs the same when I first installed it. Speed and reliability are top notch with this ssd from Samsung.