Kingston SV300S3B7A/480G

Kingston SV300S3B7A/480G
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Opinie eksperta : Joel Hruska (

Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SV300S3D7


The 128GB Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SV300S3D7 internal solid-state drive pushes well below the $1 per GB price point without compromising drive performance.

Great price/performance ratio. Priced well below $1 per GB

Older SF-2181 loses speed in random read/writes, or when working with uncompressed data

The 120GB Kingston SSDNow V300 Series SV300S3D7 internal solid-state drive (SSD) is priced to appeal to ordinary consumers but with performance that sat at the top of the enthusiasts market not so long ago. With a great price-per-GB ratio and strong...


Opinie eksperta : Kristian Vättö (

Kingston SSDNow V300 (120GB & 240GB) Review


Kingston's SSD lineup is as follows: They have HyperX-branded SSDs for enthusiasts and the mainstream market is catered by SSDNow brand. The HyperX SSDs have been fairly popular from what I've seen and we have also reviewed the regular HyperX as well...

I have one issue with the V300: There's nothing particular in it that would differentiate it from the other SandForce based SSDs. While Kingston said they did lots of customization and worked closely with SandForce/LSI, at least in our testing there...


Opinie eksperta : Ilya Gavrichenkov (

Kingston SSDNow V300 Solid State Drive Review: SandForce with New Fixings


You may have the impression that solid state drives on LSI SF-2281 controller have already been studied and tested inside out. However, Kingston managed to come up with a product that turned out genuinely surprising in the most positive way.

Frankly speaking, we are rather wary of SandForce-based SSDs. Besides their past firmware flaws which took a lot of time to be corrected, we don’t like their susceptibility to performance degradation due to imperfect TRIM implementation whereas their...


Opinie eksperta : AkG (

Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB SSD Review


As the SSD market gradually comes to grips with lower prices, greater popularity and higher performance metrics, the new Kingston SSDNow V300

Kingston’s V300 240GB has something for everyone. First time buyers will appreciate its dollar per GB ratio and PC veterans won’t help but



Opinie eksperta : Eric Garay (futurelooks)

Kingston Technology’s 120GB V300 SSDNow Desktop and Notebook Upgrade Kits Reviewed


Consumers are looking for larger SSDs at lower price points and it seems the NAND manufacturers (Intel, Micron, etc) are dragging their heals on releasing larger capacities that should drive down those prices. However, prices are far better than they...

Good pricing: as affordable as SSDs come ; LSI Sandforce Controller ; 19nm Toshiba NAND ; Respectable price-performance ; Great Desktop and Laptop Upgrade Kit bundles ; Acronis software and support

Waiting for larger capacities ; 4K data block could be better

Solid State Drives are the inevitable direction of storage technology but adoption is still slow. For a few months there it looked like we were getting closer to .50 cents a GB but then prices went back up. I don’t think it’s all that influenced by the...


Opinie eksperta : Hassan Mujtaba (

Kingston SSDNow V300 120 GB Review


Kingston's value SSDs have now entered their third phase of LSI powered storage solutions with the launch of the Kingston SSDNow V300 series.

After quiet some time with the SSDNow V300, all i can say is that Kingston has delivered an exceptional update to their value oriented SSDNow series. The V300 SSD in our benchmarking process came out as a pretty fast storage solution, one which even...


price/performance choice

Opinie eksperta : Jonathan Kwan (

Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB Solid State Drive


You can't lift me up," this girl once said to me, making implications about by perceived lack of strength. "Why, because you are ninety percent my weight?" I quickly shot back, not exactly adhering to the two rules of life I always advise people; the...


Opinie eksperta : paul_smart (

Kingston Technology SSDNow V300


SSD drives are slowly getting bigger, more quickly they are becoming lower priced. So is now the time to get one? Certainly the PC/notebook units I have reviewed that have at least a small SSD drive show a huge increase in booting speed.

This item from Kingston is a 120GB unit. This is the same size as in the HP Spectre XP Ultrabook to be published very soon, that unit was manufactured by Samsung but in essence it’s the same size in dimensions and capacity. The Kingston Technology...


Opinie eksperta : AkG (

Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Review


Even though Kingston's HyperX and HyperX 3K enthusiast-focused SSD lineup may be the one getting most people's attention, their more established

Kingston’s V-series SSDs have a long history of offering competitively priced solutions which tend to punch above their weight class on the


Opinie eksperta : Hugh Briggs (

Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD Review


The Kingston SSDNow V300 is yet another value-oriented SSD in Kingston's wildly successful line of mainstream solid state drives. With the pressures of TLC SSDs squeezing the value market we take a look and see if a standard MLC SSD with 19nm Toshiba...

For the capacities of 60GB and 120GB Kingston has managed to deliver a value-oriented SSD that will hold the TLC NAND sharks at bay. The test pool that we placed the 120GB Kingston SSDNow V300 into was definitely weighted against this value offering,...


Product Specifications


kolor:Czarny, Szary, Czerwony, Biały / Szary
Kolor produktu:Czarny, Szary, Czerwony, Biały / Szary
Rozmiar kieszeni dysku SSD:2.5"


Obsługiwane systemy operacyjne Mac:Tak
Obsługiwane systemy operacyjne Windows:Tak
Obsługiwany systemy operacyjne Linux:Tak

Pakowanie danych


Pozostałe właściwości

Architektura pamięci:1 x 122880 / 1 x 491520 / 1 x 61440
Gwarancja:3 Yrs
Gwarancja note:3 Yrs
Kontroler dysku twardego:SandForce SF-2281
Łączność urządzenia:Przewodowy
Możliwości montowania w stelażu:(N/A) SSD 2.5-inch 7mm
Pojemność pamięci wewnętrznej:122880 / 491520 / 61440
Technologia łączności:Przewodowy
Typ pamięci wewnętrznej:Flash
Ustawienie trybu:(N/A) (N/A)


Interface pamięci SSD:Serial ATA III
Interfejs pamięci SSD:Serial ATA III
MTBF (Średni okres międzyawaryjny):1000000
obsługa S.M.A.R.T:Y
obsługa S.M.A.R.T.:Tak
Obsługiwane systemy operacyjne Mac:Y
Obsługiwane systemy operacyjne Windows:Y
Obsługiwany systemy operacyjne Linux:Y
Pojemność pamięci SSD:120 / 480 / 60
Prędkość odczytu z nośnika:450
Prędkość zapisu nośnika:450
Random read (4KB):73000 / 85000
Random write (4KB):28000 / 55000 / 60000
Szybkość przesyłania danych:6
Szyfrowanie / bezpieczeństwo:Nie
Typ pamięci:MLC
Wsparcie TRIM:Y

Szczegóły Techniczne

Wibracje podczas pracy:2,17
Wibraje podczas przechowywania:20
Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):-40 - 85

Waga i rozmiary

Długość urządzenia:6,98 / 7
Głębokość urządzenia:6,98 / 7
Szerokość produktu:10
Waga produktu:58,5 / 86
Wysokość urządzenia:6,98 / 7

Warunki zewnętrzne

Wibracje podczas pracy:2,17
Wibraje podczas przechowywania:20
Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):-40 - 85

Zarządzanie energią

Pobór mocy w trybie czuwania:0,64 / 0,640
Power consumption (read):1,423
Power consumption (write):2,052