Intel 730 SSD Series 480G / SSDSC2BP480G4R5

Intel 730 SSD Series 480G / SSDSC2BP480G4R5
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Intel SSD 730 Series 480GB


In my testing, the new SSD was fast, though far from the fastest I've seen. It supports RAID configurations, and when used in RAID 0 its performance was basically doubled. But that's true for most, if not all, RAID-enabled SSDs. The drive has about the...

The Intel SSD 730 Series has a high endurance rating and comes with a five-year warranty. The drive offers a huge boost in performance compared with regular hard drives and can handle RAID configurations.

The new drive doesn't support encryption, and its performance isn't the best among similarly priced SSDs.

At launch, the new Intel SSD 730 Series makes a very good internal drive choice for your computer, but it'll become a better value when its street price drops below the current suggested retail price.


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Great SSD


- I bought this about a year ago and have been using it for about a month now with no issues. I am planning on buying more of these.

- The price. - Performance.



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Died in 13 months.


I got it on sale for quite cheap, so I'm very happy with my purchase. Update: Since it died, I'm now less happy, but I'm not as upset with the purchase as I could have been since it was bought on sale.

Looks cool, which is silly for something you don't really see unless you have a clear case, but appreciated nonetheless. It's fast, efficient, and everything you'd want from a SSD.

Nothing really as far as I've noticed. Update: Died 13 months after purchase. Out of warranty. Not happy, as one can imagine.


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Good SSD, but way overpriced at $500


I have this setup with a Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 / i7 2600, and it works very well. I was going to buy another, but with the price of it skyrocketing to $499, I bought 3 512GB Samsung EVO 850's instead (got them from newegg at $134 each.) The Intel 730...

$500 Price!


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Perfect Desktop OS Drive


I already had a smaller Intel 530 240G SSD as an OS drive for my newest desktop system which I recently built for my wife to use for working from home but when Newegg had it at $199, I could not pass it up. Here are my new rig specs: Antec Lanboy...

This drive is fast. I meant the PC boot time is roughly 10-12 seconds from the time you push the power button to the time Windows is ready for use. Never go back to platter disk as an OS drive. For people that complain about this drive consuming too...

No CON's


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Not one problem with any of these so far. Have 4, very reliable and quick


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Blazing Fast. Easy install and config. I don't know what else to say. If you want a good fast, reliable SSD. This is a good bet for its price. I bought 2x and I don't regret it.


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Great SSD!


-If you can get this on sale do it. I got this before the 750 series came out and the 730 series cost more. I did however buy this during a sale and saved a good amount. Overall this is a great SSD!

-Easy setup and formatting -Windows easily installs -Greatly increases overall PC speed -Intel SSD tools are easy to use -Customer support for this product was good

-A bit pricey (When I bought it)


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Great SSD


I got it on sale for quite cheap, so I'm very happy with my purchase.

Looks cool, which is silly for something you don't really see unless you have a clear case, but appreciated nonetheless. It's fast, efficient, and everything you'd want from a SSD.

Nothing really as far as I've noticed.


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Excellent SSD


Can be pricy. Have had this drive for almost 1 year and has performed flawlessly. It can be a bit pricy but found it on sale for 209.00, wish I bought two of them at the time. Intel drives seem to be very well built and reliable as opposed to a other...

Very fast, Stable, good warranty and reliable.


Product Specifications


Kolor produktu:Srebrny
Nazwa kodowa produktu:Jackson Ridge
Rodzina produktów:Consumer SSD
Rozmiar kieszeni dysku SSD:2.5"
Seria produktów:Intel 730
zgodność z RoHS:Y

Pozostałe właściwości

Litografia procesora:20
UBER:<1 sector per 10^17 bits read


Intel® High Endurance Technology (HET):Nie
Interface pamięci SSD:Serial ATA III
Interfejs pamięci SSD:Serial ATA III
Kod korekcyjny:Y
Latency (read):50
Latency (write):65
Monitoring temperatury SSD:Tak
MTBF (Średni okres międzyawaryjny):1200000
obsługa S.M.A.R.T:Y
obsługa S.M.A.R.T.:Tak
Pojemność pamięci SSD:480
Prędkość odczytu z nośnika:550
Prędkość zapisu nośnika:470
Random read (4KB):89000
Random write (4KB):74000
SSD jest przeznaczona do:Consumer
Szybkość przesyłania danych:6
Technologia Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection:Nie
Typ pamięci:MLC
usługa RAID:Y
Wsparcie TRIM:Y

Szczegóły Techniczne

Typ produktu:19
Wibracje podczas pracy:2,17
Wibraje podczas przechowywania:3,13
Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):-55 - 95

Waga i rozmiary

Długość urządzenia:10
Głębokość urządzenia:100.45
Szerokość produktu:69.85
Waga produktu:78
Wysokość urządzenia:7

Warunki zewnętrzne

Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):-55 - 95

Zarządzanie energią

Power consumption (idle):1.5
Power consumption (read):5.5
Power consumption (write):5.5