Intel 525

Intel 525
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Great small ssd for mSATA slots


I wish manufactures of these mSATA and m.2 drives would figure out a better way to label drives then with stickers. It's hard to get good contact between the hot parts of the drives and aftermarket solutions to carry heat away. And I don't want to...

Bought the 30GB drive to put in a very small computer (comulab fitlet A10) . The drive does not overheat in the small quarters (.72 liters) and has been reliable running Debian 7 24/7 for almost a year now in a SOHO router setup. A small queit, and so...

It's not magic, (rather just really advance technology)


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Intel SSDMCEAC030B301


Using in a pfSense router / firewall as the system disk where having anything larger is completely pointless, glad these smaller SSDs are still available.

Fairly fast, runs cool.



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Great for my Media Server


I have this in my Intel NUC (Centrino) home media server. It is perfect for Win7 Ultimate, Plex, Filezilla and Dropbox. I made sure to turn off unneeded Windows features and compress the drive. The media is stored on an external 4TB Seagate HDD. RDP...

I recently have started to maintain Plex logs that are taking up space on the C: drive. The limited capacity makes for a monthly check-up on disc space a necessity. Metadata could cause a problem with disc space, depending on how much media is being...


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Neigh a complaint


Used this in an embedded AMD hudson build for running Pfsense. works great, no issues.

Tiny MLC SSD storage for pretty cheap



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great little chip


I initially purchased this to put my OS on for a boot drive. With Windows 7 and my necessary apps I found it to be too small. Had to purchase a 128gb. I purchased an external USB 3.0 enclosure for this chip for my jump drive from my machnes. Its...

Fast and dependable. Intel

There are better values out there with more storage


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Intel SSDMCEAC030B301


This drive pairs great with a NUC with Celeron 847 for great "dumb" terminals. Low cost and easy build makes for machines that a perfect for simple multitasking. Boots fast and beats any Atom net-top.

Great drive. Speeds are great, but not as fast as drives of larger capacity. There is enough drive capacity for a Windows 7 install plus a couple applications.

OEM kit. Drive only and no screws. Not much of a con, as the NUC comes with screws for mSATA.


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Functional and Fast


Price and Capacity I am using this drive in a pFsense box. I had to pair it with a SYBA SI-ADA40066 50mm (1.8") mSATA SSD to 2.5" SATA Converter Adapter because it is mSata and the board I...



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Great mSATA Cache


Please be aware that this unit does not come with any screws to hold the mSATA SSD in place. I used the same screw that holds the laptop case together in the optical drive opening. This is a small screw. You can view my YouTube video of the...

Immediate Recognition Fast Speed - 6Gbps End to End Data Protection Applications Load at Blazing Speeds Extremely Fast Boot Time


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Cheapest New 30GB SSD


Newegg has stated the Max Sequential Speeds wrong.

1) Only $49.99 when I purchased 2) 5 Year Warranty 3) SATA III 4) Better speeds then first/second gen SSD

1) Not as fast as the higher capacity drives (but logical)


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MSATA madness


This is a caching SSD. It has the lowest write speed of the 525 series, however it still writes faster than the fastest mechanical drives. Which is exactly how a caching drive should be built. It is a great upgrade from the Intel 311 20 gig SSD cache....

30 gigs. can hold a 64 bit installation of windows 7 or 8. Built for caching to mechanical drives. Cheap SSD.

only 30 gigs. Slow write speed.


Product Specifications


Certyfikaty:UL, CE, C-Tick, BSMI, KCC, WHCK, VCCI, SATA-IO
kolor:Czarny, Zielony
Kolor produktu:Czarny, Zielony
Nazwa kodowa produktu:Lincoln Crest
Rodzina produktów:Consumer SSD
Rozmiar kieszeni dysku SSD:2.5"
Seria produktów:Intel 525
Wewnętrzny:Tak / Y
zgodność z RoHS:Tak / Y

Pozostałe właściwości

Litografia procesora:25
UBER:<1 / 10^16


Intel High Endurance Technology (HET):Nie
Interface pamięci SSD:mSATA
Interfejs pamięci SSD:mSATA
Kolejkowaniem zadań (NCQ):Tak / Y
Latency (read):80
Latency (write):85
Monitoring temperatury SSD:Nie
MTBF (Średni okres międzyawaryjny):1200000
obsługa S.M.A.R.T:Tak / Y
obsługa S.M.A.R.T.:Tak
Pojemność pamięci SSD:120 / 180 / 240 / 30 / 60
Prędkość odczytu z nośnika:500 / 550
Prędkość zapisu nośnika:275 / 475 / 500 / 520
Random read (100% span):15000 / 25000 / 5000 / 50000
Random write (100% span):10000 / 23000 / 40000 / 60000
Szybkość przesyłania danych:6
Szyfrowanie / bezpieczeństwo:128-bit AES
Szyfrowanie sprzętu:Tak / Y
Technologia Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection:Nie
Typ pamięci:MLC
Zapisywanie sekwencyjne:

Szczegóły Techniczne

Status:End of Life / Launched
Typ produktu:19
Wibracje podczas pracy:2,17
Wibraje podczas przechowywania:3,13
Wstrząsy podczas pracy:1000
Wstrząsy podczas przechowywania:1000
Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 30 / 0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):5 - 95

Waga i rozmiary

Długość urządzenia:3,7
Głębokość urządzenia:3,7 / 3.7
Waga produktu:10
Wysokość urządzenia:3.7

Warunki zewnętrzne

Wibracje podczas pracy:2,17 / 2.17
Wibraje podczas przechowywania:3,13 / 3.13
Wstrząsy podczas pracy:1000
Wstrząsy podczas przechowywania:1000
Zakres temperatur (eksploatacja):0 - 30 / 0 - 70
Zakres temperatur (przechowywanie):5 - 95

Zarządzanie energią

Napięcie pracy:3,3 / 3.3
Pobór mocy w trybie czuwania:0,25 / 0.25
Power consumption (idle):0.25 / 250
Power consumption (read):0,3 / 0.3
Power consumption (write):3.23