Crucial Technology CT250BX100SSD1

Crucial Technology CT250BX100SSD1
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Excellent SSD


Also purchased a SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB 2.5-Inch SDSSDA-120G-G25. The Crucial operates slightly quicker

Purchased two approximately 09-2015, one running Server 2012 R2, the other a Hyper-V pass through for Windows Pro 8.1 (upgraded to 10 Pro). No issues running either operating system. Visible increase in the Hyper-V boot time (which I didnt think was...

None so far


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is awsome

easy to setup, fast, no issues



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Good SSD


I would definitely recommend this drive. The negligible slower read/write times in my rig are not significant enough to dissuade me form purchasing again.

I use this as an extra drive to run World of Warcraft and other large games to cut down on load times. Works great, easy to install.

Read and write times a little slower on my rig, but I'm sure the listed read/write times in the specifications are created in "ideal" conditions.


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Where's the data


easy to install works fine EXCEPT for

This is a 250g drive and my Windows 10 system only sees 86g. I bought the drive last year and just installed it recently. It installed fine, just showing a capacity of 86g instead of 250g


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-lasts a long time -no problems at all -sturdy



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Works great! Cloned my C: Drive over after formatting with zero problems.


I know there are bigger and faster SSDs out there, but for the money ($90) you can't go wrong with a 7 - 8 sec. boot. I only wish I could have afforded to buy 2 at once so I could have run RAID.

Formatting was easy. (Used Acronis Disk Director 12) Cloning my C: Drive was just as easy. (Used EaseUS Partition Master)

Not a one.


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I had an 80GB Intel SSD for 4 years by the time I bought this one and it had literally zero problems, and is still going strong. I bought this one for the obvious capacity improvement. Might just stick with Intel next time.

Fast while it worked. Easy to install.

Starting having failure after roughly a month. Unable to format, even from a Gparted Live USB. Came back on and off but is too inconsistent to be worth it. Will be RMA-ing.


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Love It


the only way they could make this deal better is if it were free.

I bought this drive for my laptop, but come to find out my laptop has a 1.8" drive in it...(go figure)... So now its my boot drive on my desktop and I can't even begin to tell you how much faster my desktop is... (boot to win7 ultimate in less than 15...

None at all except why didn't I buy it sooner.


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Love Crucial


Would recommend this drive to a friend/family member/random person. Once you use an SSD, going back to an HDD is impossible!

Reputable and reliable brand. This is an awesome SSD for the price. Total boot time is 15 seconds and you're ready to go. Storage Executive is nice for seeing the drives SMART status and overall health as well as updating firmware.



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Works great until it catastrophically fails


A common vein with the Crucial SSD reviews seems to be that they don't jive with Windows 10 or it's simply a coincidence that the SSDs are failing after customers have upgraded to 10. Either way, not encouraging when it comes to trusting their brand in...

Great SSD, no issues out of the box, no blue screens because of it, easy install, and ran like a charm for 8.5 months

After 8.5 months, my computer blue screened citing a USB cable error and I didn't think anything of it until my PC wouldn't boot back up. Unplugged & re-assembled, nothing. Tried different motherboard USB slots, nothing. Tried troubleshooting the boot...