Corsair Force Series GT

Corsair Force Series GT
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Corsair Force GT SSDs put through their paces, have graphs to prove it


Instead of singling out one of Corsair's latest SandForce-equipped SSDs, the folks at StorageReview sussed out performance differences by putting each drive t...


Opinie eksperta : Joe Osborne (

Corsair Force Series GT (120GB)


The Corsair Force Series GT is a 120GB solid state drive with a maximum read speed of up to 555MB/s and a max write speed of 515MB/s through a 6Gbps SATA connection.

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Opinie eksperta : Nathan Edwards (

Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD


Corsair's Force GT comes in a bright red chassis, which by Ork logic (in the Warhammer 40K universe) would make it the fastest SSD ever. So is it?

Most benchmarks put it right at the top; pretty red color

Write speeds (and write-dependent tests) lag behind peers

In CrystalDiskMark and AS SSD’s sustained read tests, the Force GT is as fast as any SSD we’ve ever tested. Its ATTO 64KB read and write scores, single-queue-depth 4KB read and writes, and Iometer random write speeds are likewise nearly identical to...


Opinie eksperta : Chris Ramseyer (

Corsair Force GT (2012) 240GB SSD Review


With little variation in the market we go gaga when something comes along that's different. Designed on a myth, built by enthusiasts and sold like any other SSD, this one is truly different.


Opinie eksperta : Hugh Briggs (

Corsair Force GT 240 GB SSD Review


We are reviewing the Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD. Corsair provides enthusiasts with both sides of the SSD controller coin by offering Marvell and SandForce controlled SSDs in its product lines. Today we will take a look at the SandForce option with its...

The 60GB Force GT retails for $79.99 and 180GB is $179.49, with none of the tested competitors offering similar products at these capacities.


Opinie eksperta : brandon (

Corsair Force Series GT 180GB Solid State Drive


In continuing our series of SSD reviews, we're looking at a drive from Corsair, the 180GB Force Series GT. As our last reviews were of drives in the 240-256GB range, we asked Corsair for some of their drives in the same range. But alas, their marketing...


Opinie eksperta : Allyn Malventano (

Corsair Force Series 3 and Force Series GT SSD Full Review


We'll carry the Patriot Pyro (IMFT Async) into the results for comparison, and keeping the other benchmark OCZ and Intel models in with the mix of results. The OCZ Vertex 3 and Agility 3 will again share the same SandForce controller, but OCZ has been...


Opinie eksperta : X-bit labs (

Corsair Force GT Series 240 GB and Corsair Force 3 Series 240 GB Solid State Drives Review


We have recently received two more SSD drives from Corsair based on the second generation SandForce controller. Let's check out their performance and also investigate how SSD speed scales depending on their storage capacity.



Opinie eksperta : Marco Chiappetta (

Corsair Force GT 240GB & Crucial M4 SSD Update


A few months back, we rounded up a half dozen SATA III solid state drives in this article. In that showdown, we had drives based on SandForceSF-2200 series and Marvell controllers represented, with both synchronous and asynchronous memory types. We...

Strong performance ; Competitive price ; Good warranty

Still pricey ; Somewhat inconsistent performance w/ compressible / incompressible data

Performance Summary: Both the Corsair Force GT 240GB drive and Crucial M4 with its v009 firmware exhibited excellent performance throughout out battery of tests. Overall, the SandForce-based Corsair drive proved to be a somewhat better performer,...


Opinie eksperta : Chris Ramseyer (

Corsair Force GT 240GB Solid State Drive Review


Corsair has a new custom PCB for better signal integrity, but is it enough to make this SandForce drive the one you should buy today?